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After recovering, Ippo was soon stopped again by getting pushed by Yamada's shoulder and getting hit with close ranged body blows. Ippo began to block his body blows until his guard was opened again by the previous tactic, leading Ippo to get hit by another solar plexus blow. With Ippo at the ropes, Ippo was unable to stop Yamada as he used the tactic a third time. Ippo trying to catch Yamada as he falls. As Ippo got attacked after the third solar plexus blow, he acknowledged that Yamada had gotten strong, however, he wanted to teach him the feeling of the first loss. Ippo stopped Yamada's attack, then proceeded to open and lower his guard into the Brawling Style stance, inviting Yamada to attack. Ippo received many hits after Yamada accepted the invitation until Ippo, after many exchanges between both, landed a liver blow on Yamada, sending him down. When Yamada got up, Ippo blocked Yamada's one-two and liver blow. Ippo then successfully delivered a one-two and liver blow of his own, along with a combination of attacks that sent Yamada falling. Ippo attempted to catch Yamada's fall, however, the referee stepped in and signalled an end to the match, resulting in Ippo's second JBC title defence win. Ippo was interviewed, and he commented that he did not want the match to last long and that, while it was painful during his first loss against Date, it taught him a lot about boxing.


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