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11 eps • 201511 episodes • 2015Keiji FujiwaraChairman. 10 eps • 201510 episodes • 2015All cast & crewProduction, box office & more at IMDbProMore like this7. 2學園默示錄7. 8碧藍之海7. 1監獄學園7. 6High School DxD7. 0下流梗不存在的灰暗世界6. 4回復術士的重啟人生7. 5未來日記8. Despite this, Choso manages to pierce Yuji's liver, and believing he will die anyway, goes all out with the intent of taking Choso down too. However, Choso uses his blood to form a shield to protect his chest from Yuji's Divergent Fist, and knocks him unconscious. Choso is about to finish him off, to Sukuna's disappointment, when something unexpected occurs. Flashes of memories begin to flood Choso's mind of he and his brothers hanging out, including Yuji. The supposed revelation causes him to spiral in disbelief and wander away. Later, the Hasaba sisters discover the unconscious Yuji. 3814"Fluctuations"
Transliteration: "Yōtō" (Japanese: 揺蕩)Tō TatsutaTō TatsutaKazutaka Sugiyama, Shun
& Yosuke YajimaOctober 26, 2023 (2023-10-26)N/A Mei Mei battles the Smallpox Deity cursed spirit, just barely avoiding her death by its guaranteed hit attacks. Using Ui Ui and her crows as a distraction, she is able to catch the curse off guard and defeat it, freeing them from the domain and ready to fight Pseudo-Geto. Elsewhere, Nanami convenes with Maki and Naobito, informing them of Gojo's concealment. They encounter the cursed spirit Dagon, who reveals itself to have been a curse womb, evolving to a significantly stronger state. Naobito uses his cursed technique, Projection Sorcery, to put up a good fight, until Dagon activates his Domain Expansion, trapping the three in his Domain.
[220] Critics traced Evangelion's influence on subsequent anime series, including Serial Experiments Lain, RahXephon, Texhnolyze, Gasaraki, Guilty Crown, Boogiepop Phantom,[74] Blue Submarine No. 6,[221] Martian Successor Nadesico,[222] Rinne no Lagrange,[223] Gurren Lagann,[224] Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure,[225] Argento Soma,[226] Pilot Candidate,[227] Generator Gawl,[228] and Dai-Guard. [229][230] References, homages and tributes to the series are also contained in Japanese and Western media such as the third episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi,[231] Koi Koi Seven,[232] Hayate the Combat Butler,[233] Baka and Test,[234] Regular Show,[235] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,[236] Gravity Falls,[237] Sgt. Frog,[238][239] Rick and Morty,[240] One Hour Photo,[241] Steven Universe,[242] Kong: Skull Island,[243] and Nope. [244] The show's mixture of religion and mecha also influenced subsequent Japanese video games, including Xenogears[245] and El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. [246] The design and personality traits of the character Rei Ayanami were reused for many anime and manga characters of the late 1990s, such as Ruri Hoshino of Nadesico, Ruriko Tsukushima (Droplet),[247] Miharu (Gasaraki),[248] Anthy Himemiya (Revolutionary Girl Utena), and Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lain). [249] The character of Asuka was parodied by Excel (Excel Saga),[250] and some of her traits were used to create the character of Mai in Gunparade March. [251] According to Italian critic Guido Tavassi, Evangelion's mecha design, characterized by a greater resemblance to the human figure, and the abstract designs of the Angels, also had a significant impact on the designs of future anime productions. [252] Nobuhiro Watsuki designed several characters for Rurouni Kenshin based on characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion, namely Uonuma Usui, Honjō Kamatari and Fuji. [253][254] Other artists have cited the series as an inspiration, including Makoto Shinkai[255] and Gege Akutami for their manga Jujutsu Kaisen. [256] In the aftermath of Evangelion, Anno reused stylistic conceits from the series in the live-action Love & Pop and the anime romance Kare Kano.