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[4][5] Junichi Sato directed the first season, Kunihiko Ikuhara took over second through fourth season, and Takuya Igarashi directed the fifth and final season. [54] The series premiered in Japan on TV Asahi on March 7, 1992, and ran for 200 episodes until its conclusion on February 8, 1997. Upon its release, the show quickly rose to be Toei Animation's highest ranked TV series. [55] Most of the international versions, including the English adaptations, are titled Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon Crystal[edit] Main article: Sailor Moon Crystal On July 6, 2012, Kodansha and Toei Animation announced that it would commence production of a new anime adaptation of Sailor Moon, called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, for a simultaneous worldwide release in 2013 as part of the series's 20th anniversary celebrations,[56][57][58] and stated that it would be a closer adaptation of the manga than the first anime. [59] Crystal premiered on July 5, 2014, and new episodes would air on the first and third Saturdays of each month. [60] New cast were announced, along with Kotono Mitsuishi reprising her role as Sailor Moon. [61] The first two seasons were released together, covering their corresponding arcs of the manga (Dark Kingdom and Black Moon). A third season based on the Infinity arc on the manga premiered on Japanese television on April 4, 2016, known as Death Busters arc in this adaptation. [62] Munehisa Sakai directed the first and second season, while Chiaki Kon directed the third season. Films and television specials[edit] Three animated theatrical feature films based on the original Sailor Moon series have been released in Japan: Sailor Moon R: The Movie in 1993, followed by Sailor Moon S: The Movie in 1994, and Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie in 1995.

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But omg THEY ARE SO CLICHE AND STEROTYPED!!! Yes, I do support women's wrongs as much as I support women's rights, but a lot of female characters here seem to exist with the main purpose of fulfilling a certain tsundere/yandere/etc fantasy and I just. blegh. I am SO tired of male-catered fanservice as well as self-insert, boring male characters whose initial existence in the show is unwarranted (like, why tf was he even enrolled in that school?). This anime would've been SO much better if Ryouta was a girl tbh. This would've been an iconic lesbian anime about mind games and free will which only comes out once every blue moon and proves that whoever creates this has enough balls and is, therefore, should be critically praised but NOPE, this ends up becoming your seasonal mid af edgy anime which we should've gatekept from cishet men especially incels. 4 for 'bad'.
The animation and art are just fine tho, ngl. I really don't have a problem with it, but there's also nothing groundbreaking, so imma give it a 6 for 'fine'. BUT THE SOUND OMG. ^ Gardner, Eriq (August 18, 2021). "'Castlevania' Producer Sues After Being Excluded From Netflix Spinoff". The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on August 19, 2021. Retrieved August 26, 2021. ^ Skrebels, Joe (June 10, 2022).
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