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[pause] Ryuk: Well, it was good while it lasted. We killed some boredom, didn't we? We did some various and interesting things. ConnectionsEdited into Death Note Rewrite: Genshisuru Kami (2007)Soundtracksthe WORLDPerformer: Nightmare (as Naitomea)(Vap)[opening theme]User reviews854ReviewReviewFeatured review9/10 Incredible until it Wasn'tDeath Note was a stellar TV Show and on its way to being one of my favorite animated TV Shows. With its incredible concept, interesting villainous protagonists and an antithesis to the protagonist that complimented his genius perfectly. The formula was great with the exception of episodes 18-22 which features our protagonists cunning on a boring way that leads to a lackluster payoff. After this however. Episodes 23, 24 and 25 are phenomenal works of art. This is where the series goes from Incredible to incredibly mediocre. With the exception of the last 3 episodes of the show, there is no right for any of the episodes after episode 25 to exist. The show went from having me completely invested to it feeling like a chore to finish, which is a shame because of how great the last 3 episodes actually were. They introduce new antagonists that are literally the exact same thing as the last one we had, except much worse and no fun at all to watch.

The author should’ve simply played to his strengths of writing a fantasy epic (as flawed as it already was) instead of trying to write character-driven introspectives, since he can’t write believable characters and character dynamics. Dialogues are extremely corny and all the characters seem to have IQs on the left end of the bell curve in order for the plot to progress based on unintelligent character decisions, accidental happenings, poor character drama as well as plot conveniences as if the causality of this world flows to the tune of Rudeus. A good example of this is the embarrassing feud between Rudeus and Sara, but there isn’t a more egregious one than the entire “will-they-won’t-they” plotline between Rudeus and Sylphiette which is excruciatingly self-aggrandized into seven episodes of non-happenings between an apparently dunce MC who (still) lacks any social cues and a love interest who apparently only now is discovering the basics of life; dragged on so the finale can serve as a “reward” for the viewer because this anime knows exactly the people it caters to. The main cast is just exaggerated isomorphs of trite and vapid anime archetypes whilst most of the rest of the cast are one-notes who will typically be used for comedy relief that stops being funny the second or third time the joke is made--such as Elinalise, who's entire character revolves around sex and represents everything vulgar about the series. One might've thought Eris was the most annoying female in the series for her muscle-brained tsundere demeanour, but turns out Sylphiette and Elinalise are even worse. Seems as though every season there’s only one respectable, dynamic character in the narrative.


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